Zombie High

Please play in full-screen for now otherwise some UI elements may not be visible.

This is a very early prototype about simulating high school life for a zombie student. You not only have to attend classes in school, but the knowledge you gain is used to fill your brain cells and guard against incoming rot, that is trying to take over your brain and turn you into a full fledged zombie!

Note this is a very early prototype. There's literally no art!

I do however plan on expanding this with proper art, and actual school that you can walk around in etc. For now I've only added some of the main systems and their interactions to get a feel for the game.


- Some icons are from iconfinder


Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
TagsLife Simulation, Management, Singleplayer

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Loved the whole mood of the game as I tried to create my best high school self I could, fun game!

Thanks! Really glad you liked it!