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Anti dating sim is a dating sim where you have to find a way to stop dating your girlfriend.

There are multiple options in the conversation you have with her which can end in multiple ways. Some are good, some are bad, most are weird.

  • Press the down arrow, to go to the next dialog
  • When given a choice click on the appropriate option
  • After reaching one of the ends, you'll have to reload the page to play it again

There really isn't any winning or losing, but you can try and get the most amicable and least embarassing break up scenario.

If nothing else, this might atleast end up being a bizarre experience, so I hope you guys try it.

I'm wasn't aware of dating sims until very recently, and even when I did learn about them I never understood what made them so popular. So I decided to try and make one to get a feel for the genre, which also involved playing a few existing ones, in doing so I have come to somewhat appreciate the genre. 

There's much more to dating sims like managing time,resources health etc, but all of that requires a lot of planning, and I just didn't have the time :)

The game is extremely rough (it doesn't even have sound! :( ), mainly because I'm new to both unity and making dating sims.

I was spared a lot of work by the Visual Novel Toolkit and ended up not having to write any code for making this.

This game was made specifically for FuckThisJam

Let me know what you guys think in the comments or on twitter.

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